Productivity – what works for me

I really admire some systematic people, namely freelance enthusiastic Robert Vlach, author of webpage I have met him in a person and saw him achieved so many things. He is a very systematic person, he has a system for everything and it really increases his productivity.

I have read countless books about personal productivity and I can tell you one thing from my experience. You have to start small and develop a system yourself.

I have started with the simple spreadsheet saved in Google Drive with recurring tasks which I frequently forgot to do and the calendar was not a good place to store them. For example, I want to inflate tires of my car every two months. It has no sense to put this task on a calendar because you do not need to do it exactly on 23rd June, it simply does not matter when you do it within a week you are not busy.

Slowly I expanded my list of tasks and added another spreadsheet to document. I was used to updating my tasks once a week. After adding a document with state of my personal finances I begin to update spreadsheets more frequently.

Slowly I begin to add more and more things, e.g. habit tracking, food planning and even spending plan for a year.

Now I spend approximately an hour a day by planning and tracking progress. My spreadsheet document has nine lists including work issues. If you believe that you will tell me at work that you will do something in future and I will forget it – do not take me wrong, I will write to the diary to review it after week.

The best thing is that I do not have to think about things to do and force myself to do them. I just have a list what needs to be done and finish tasks without even thinking about them – so I cannot procrastinate.

Also, I do not carry anything in my mind so I simply cannot forget it. It is very important for me because when I meditate I can get rid of all thoughts I have to do only if I am sure I won’t forget anything important.

But as I said earlier I have not copied anyone’s system completely. I have slowly developed my own and it took me almost three years. Now I do not see spending an hour a day by updating my spreadsheets as a problem or something I have to force myself to do. It is just most valuable time spent in a day.