About me

Me on vacation in Madrid

Hello, I am Martin. I was born in Prague, studied field “electronic computer systems” and started my career in London. Welcome here!

I traveled many countries and one of my favorite destination is Thailand. Today I spend most time in fitness center with my trainer, over weekends I love to visit countryside of Czechia and I love frequent walks in forest near my flat in Prague.

In 2005 I started with Cisco routers and networking and continued mainly with Linux. In 2014 I really begin with automation and today I work as a DevOps engineer.

I really focus on providing results for companies who needs to get help in their agile, cloud and automation environment. I am devoted to help my managers grow in their organization and provide them the best work results possible. I have a friendly personality and love to chat with my colleagues about work but also their hobbies, opinions and family. My main purpose is to provide an organization a good colleague, friend and support. In my free time I also work on open source products to support a community.