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My story

Hello, I am Martin. Currently I am diving more into containers, python and also VIM. I work with Linux for more than 10 years and I am interested in new technologies which can make our live better. My hobbies includes swimming, walking and also some fitness.


Me, 2017 - Bedrichov, Czech Republic, EU

Martin's technologies

VMWare (creating VMs, managing VMs, adding memory, cpus, remote console)
SaltStack (pull mode), Fabric (switched to ansible)
Windows 10 (advanced user, registry, backup, recovery, but really just user)
Routing (mainly static), Squid (regex routing), Application deployment (Tomcat)
Data centre (climatization, UPS, racking, HW evidence, etc…)
PHP (conditionals, loops, classes, regular expressions, templates - smarty)
Awk (few basic commands, print etc.), Sed (good regex knowledge), Vim
jBoss (Java), Java memory limits settings (Xms, etc.), JDK installation (also ansible automated) from tars
Bacula, Docker
Apache (mod_rewrite, mod_ssl, reverse proxy), ntp (chrony, ntpdate), Bacula, Prometheus
AWS (Cloudwatch, AWS Cli, Clouformation, EC2, S3, Lambda, Boto)
Python 2/3 (some OOP knowledge, pip)
Computer networks (TCP/IP, Ethernet, IPv4, subnetting, VLANs)
Bash (debug, conditionals, loops, one-liners, medium difficulty scripts)
VoIP (rtp, sip), datacenter management (cooling, humanity, fire safety), VirtualBox
Hardware (Oracle, Dell servers, storages - IBM, KVM concentrator)
Storage (iSCSI - connection to VMWare), parity disks,
Monitoring (Icinga, Nagios)
Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat, derivatives...), SystemD (including writing own units, journalctl, rescue unit, etc.), SSH
Ansible (including writing plug-ins, roles, etc., really extensive knowledge)
RAID (SW - md utils, HW), HW maintanance (iLO, iDRAC, memory upgrades)
OpenVPN (tun, tap, point-to-point, subnet, certificate generation, udp, tcp)
MySQL replication (master/slave), galera, SQL (joins, subqueries), MariaDB
Virtualization (KVM, XEN, virt-install combined with kickstart), libvirt
Volume management (LVM, volume groups, logical volumes for KVM, etc...)
IPTables (in/output, forward, nat, dnat, log, accept, drop, reject), expect (mainly in python, alse bash, not much in original tcl/tk), ...


martin [at]

Prague/Czech Republic (EU)