Python3: The Feast of Many Beasts


Today I started with Kata What’s the pattern? but unfortunately even with help of Google I simply was not able to finish it in an hour. It was just too complex for me, so I took easier Kata The Feast of Many Beasts which I finished in two minutes 🙂 It is actually best possible code – not many better variations possible 😉


All of the animals are having a feast! Each animal is bringing one dish. There is just one rule: the dish must start and end with the same letters as the animal’s name. For example, the great blue heron is bringing garlic naan and the chickadee is bringing chocolate cake.

Write a function feast that takes the animal’s name and dish as arguments and returns true or false to indicate whether the beast is allowed to bring the dish to the feast.

Assume that beast and dish are always lowercase strings, and that each has at least two letters. beast and dish may contain hyphens and spaces, but these will not appear at the beginning or end of the string. They will not contain numerals.


Test.assert_equals(feast("great blue heron", "garlic naan"), True)
Test.assert_equals(feast("chickadee", "chocolate cake"), True)
Test.assert_equals(feast("brown bear", "bear claw"), False)

My Code

def feast(beast, dish):
 # your code here
 return beast[:1]==dish[:1] and beast[-1:]==dish[-1:]