Python3: Is n divisible by x and y?


I am quite busy this week so this is a reason why I selected this easy kata.

Create a function isDivisible(n, x, y) that checks if a number n is divisible by two numbers x AND y. All inputs are positive, non-zero digits.

 is_divisible(3,1,3)--> true because 3 is divisible by 1 and 3
 is_divisible(12,2,6)--> true because 12 is divisible by 2 and 6
 is_divisible(100,5,3)--> false because 100 is not divisible by 3
 is_divisible(12,7,5)--> false because 12 is neither divisible by 7 nor 5

My Solution

def is_divisible (n,x,y):
    return n%x == 0 and n%y == 0