AWS – why do I love it?

Actually, this server is running on AWS. Firstly, I used AWS because there was a just first year free of charge but lately reasons changed. The main reason why I use AWS is currently easy for a server migration. You can very easily deploy a new server, prepare it with ansible, connect hard drive from an old one, copy data and archive snapshot of anĀ old server.

It is very useful when upgrading an OS. For example a 2 years ago I have upgraded from Ubuntu Server edition 14.04 to 16.04 and this year I will be using version 18.04. There are always some things which change between versions so I do need to update also ansible scripts.

The next reason why I am using AWS is S3 service. If you do not know it, this service is used to store your files and data. You can also keep versions of files which is very useful for my weekly backups.

In short, I love AWS. It is just pitying my current employer do not use it but when I saw it implemented by the previous employer it was just perfect. AWS provides you possibilitiesĀ to really use infrastructure as a code (IaaS).