Nmcli and IPv6

I’ve got a task to set-up ipv6 on local network just for testing – means no auto-config. I know that a majority of old-fashioned system engineers would use some type of config file like /etc/sysconfig/… (on RHEL) to set-up IP address but not me.

I know that modern Linux uses not only SystemD for init scripts but also Network Manager for network configuration. I use Network manager by default because I configure all machines default IP address through kickstart file.

So what you need to do to manually configure IPv6 address?

Firstly you need to set-up manual method of IPv6 and address. The last two digitsĀ (34) I use for machine identification. I also use wide subnet /64 for the ability to communicate all machines on the same hypervisor without the need for a gateway.

nmcli c modify eth0 ipv6.method manual ipv6.address 2001:db8:0:f101::34/64

Next, I turn up a connection and reload it.

nmcli connection up eth0
nmcli connection reload eth0

That’s it. After a reboot, IPv6 will automatically come up with your IPv4 address. No need to configure anything in any text file.