Time synchronization and Chrony

I really get mad when I see a sysadmin who is running servers without synchronized time. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy.

One of the companies I worked for tried to synchronize the servers with ntpd and it was a headache (mainly for virtual machines). It was randomly working and randomly not and I am not even talking about how difficult configuration was.

Not all sysadmins know this but there is one other and more reliable tool used for time synchronization and it is developed by RedHat and named Chrony. I strongly recommend using Chrony whenever possible. If you want to know more about reasons please read RedHat 7 System Administrator Guide – Differences Between ntpd and chronyd.

When I was reading through System Administrator Guide I found a small little catch.

Instead of running

root@linux# chronyc makestep
501 Not authorised

You should rather use this

root@linux# chronyc -a makestep
200 OK
200 OK