My story – am I grown geek or just a kid?

Hello, my name is Martin. Yes, that guy who fell in love with computers when he received his first 8-bit ZX Spectrum at 10 years old. It was in the early nineties but I had no idea how difficult will be to turn my hobby into a job and how much I will change from an introverted nerd with zero interest in human interaction into someone who believes there are more things to sort out. I did not even had a mobile phone because it was heavy and costed multiple times salary of my parents.

This is how I looked when I got my first 8-bit computer

When I was in a search how technology will affect our lives I always wanted people to adapt and change to a new technology. No, it never happened that way. Technology has to adapt ordinary people dreams and we IT guys had to change from nerds to corporate types. I always thought badly about school system but it taught me so much about how complex social systems works that I’ve got more prepared to work for one of the largest corporations in the world like Oracle or T-Mobile.

My first computer

But when it really happened when I turned my passion for Linux and other technologies into a successful career? All I have learned was in small start-ups. These companies where you work day and night can turn you into computer professional within a year. In a year in medium start-up, I learned more than in three years in the corporation. But it was not always easy. Few times I got stuck in my career. Few times I thought that I knew something about technologies but when I changed career I quickly learned how wrong I was.

Me, 2017 – Bedrichov, Czech Republic, EU

So what is this site about? It is about you seeing my struggles with computers. It is about me presenting myself and writing down difficulties I solved. Today, I changed, I am not an ordinary nerd anymore. I want to hear your story and I want to help you as much as I can. No, this is not some type of business proposal (I do not accept freelance work now). This is an offer to get to know someone who might help you with your issues, who will talk to you and who will want to hear your story.

My home today

If you have just five minutes of your time write me in few sentences who you are and what are your issues now and I will get back to you I promise. Might be I can recommend you something or someone might be we will have an interesting conversation.

Wants to hear you soon – Martin <martin [at]>