Remote management of home server without iDrac/iLo, just with serial console

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If you want to manage your home server over serial console without iDrac or iLo you can use RaspberryPi with connected serial console converter over USB to control your machine. You have to bear in mind one thing. Normally it is not possible to use USB devices when booting Linux, so for example if you need to enter a password to GRUB or encrypted hard drive during boot-up of Linux it is neccessary to have an PCI Express card (most today mainboards does not supports RS232 connection) not USB module. Fortuntaly, you can all things order for pennies from Aliexpress with free world-wide shipping, see below.

RS232 PCI Express card supported in Linux

RS232 PCI Express card supported in Linux

  • On aliexpress - this link (2019) - [1]
  • This name "2018 High Quality Plug And Play PCI-E PCI to Dual Serial DB9 RS232 Express Serial Controller 2-Port Adapter Card + Driver CD"
  • Works under Linux, (tested Kernel4, slot0 - /dev/ttyUSB4, slot1 - /dev/ttyUSB5)

USB Serial convertor

USB serial
  • On aliexpress - this link (2019) - [2]
  • This name "1M USB to RS232 Serial 9 Pin Adapter Cable w DB9 Female to DB25 Male Connector"
  • Raspberry Pi driver for Noobs 3.0.0 - [3]
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